Feng Timo - 冯提莫

Feng Timo (Chinese: 冯提莫; pinyin: Féng Tímò, born December 19, 1991), originally named Feng Yanan (Chinese: 冯亚男; pinyin: Féng Yànán), is a Chinese singer and internet personality from Wanzhou District, Chongqing, China. In 2017 she was named one of the "Top 10 Influential Big V's (Verified accounts) of Sina Weibo".

Career as an anchor and a singer

In 2014, Feng Timo graduated from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus and began her career as a college teacher at Chongqing Vocational School in Wanzhou, Chongqing. In September 2014, she launched her career as a network anchor.

In September 2016, Timo covered Tanya Chua's song "Don't Trouble Me" (Chinese: 别找我麻烦).In December that year, she sang the theme song "You Don't Understand Me" (你不懂我) for the film Suddenly Seventeen (28岁未成年).

She released her first single, "The Food is Junjie" (识食物者为俊杰), in June 2017.In November, she appeared in a concert of "League of Legends" with Chen Yifa and A Leng (阿冷). In December, she sang the theme song "The Return of the Exes" (再见前任) for the film The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exes (前任3:再见前任).In February 2018, her single "The Buddha Girl" (佛系少女) was released, and soon it became the hottest song on QQ Music. In September 2018, her single "Blowing the Sea Breeze" (吹海风) was released. In November 2018, her single "Heart-shaped Universe" (心形宇宙) was released as an interlude song of television series Ever Night (将夜). On December 31, 2018, Feng appeared on the grand ceremony of Mask Singer (蒙面唱将猜猜猜). Feng is the 10th most popular Chinese-language singer of the year 2018.

Feng has appeared on the variety show Make Progress Every Day, and served as a judge on 2018 Miss Chongqing (2018重庆小姐大赛).

In February 2019, Feng appeared on the Nasdaq Screen on the Times Square, New York City, US. She also became a "Live+Performance" promotion ambassador of China Performance Guild.

Charities and public benefits

In May 2018, Feng worked with the Chongqing Communist Youth League as a Promotion Ambassador. In July 2018, Feng took part in activity "Persistence under High Temperature" of Douyu, and worked with traffic polices; In August, she took part in the 9th Qinling Panda Tourism Festival and Benefit Concert; In September, she worked as the Tourism Promotion Ambassador of Hechuan District, Chongqing.

In January 2019, Feng took part in the open day of Wuhan Police Barrack.

Feng Timo's Public Welfare Station was founded in January 2019.

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